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Alexander the Man Who Knows

Alexander, the Man Who Knows

While modern psychics have been relegated to talent shows and dodgy pay-by-the-minute telephone numbers, the mentalist circuit was once a staple of vaudeville theaters. Dressed

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Haunts & Hollows: Georgia Backroads by Liam Ashe

Haunts & Hollows

Over the past fifteen years, we have been traveling the backroads of the South. We have searched out the odd, the unusual, and the obscure.

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The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste

Ghost ships are a fantastic corner of maritime lore. Sailors love to tell tall tales of empty vessels, their crews mysteriously vanished, floating across the

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Victorian Hairwork Ring

Victorian Hair Jewelry

Although jewelry made from human hair has existed throughout much of recorded history, a combination of Queen Victoria’s favor and a surfeit of out-of-work wig

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