The Pulp & Pinups Tarot

The Pulp & Pinups Tarot is an Arca Noctis-exclusive, retro-flavored deck for lovers of vintage pinups, paperback cover illustrations, and timeless art design


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The colors are electric, the dames are dangerous, and the sensuality is simmering. Each card of the Pulp & Pinups Tarot features the best of pulp, paperback and pinup girl artwork from decades past. It’s a beautiful deck that explodes with vintage energy.

An Arca Noctis exclusive, the Pulp & Pinups Tarot looks to the past for inspiration. The cards of the major arcana pair perfectly with unforgettable dames and dolls while the four suits each explore a different genre of vintage illustration: Wands (classic pinup artwork), Swords (pulp crime novel artwork), Cups (vintage paperback cover illustrations), and Pentacles (gothic romance cover art). It’s the perfect deck for lovers of vintage pinups, paperback cover illustrations, and timeless art design. Each Pulp & Pinups Tarot is professionally printed on FSC-certified, professional S30 card stock with blue core and smooth finish. The deck comes in a drawstring velvet bag for easy travel and safe storage.

The Tarot

Playing cards first migrated from Egypt and the Far East to Europe in the late 1300s. Decks intended specifically for divination appeared in various parts of Italy nearly 50 years later. These Tarot decks, from the Italian tarocchi, started with the four traditional suits but added a new twist — a series of cards with religious images. The new cards, called carte da trionfi or triumph cards, depicted allegorical scenes such as death, revelation and the sun. Over the next several hundred years, different decks were hand crafted around Europe, each featuring a different assortment of cards.

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