The Tarot of the Damned

The Arca Noctis-exclusive Tarot of the Damned limited edition deck


Murderers, despots, poisoners, madmen, thugs and serial killers. The Tarot of the Damned features more than 75 of history’s most feared and most reviled. Jack the Ripper as death joins Lizzie Borden as the High Priestess, Bonnie & Clyde as the Lovers, H. H. Holmes’ Murder Hotel as the Tower and dozens of others.

An Arca Noctis exclusive, the Tarot of the Damned is a full-sized deck with the traditional 22 trump cards and 14 court cards in four different suits: Pentacles (Murderers for Profit), Swords (Military Despots), Cups (Prolific Poisoners) and Staffs (Murderous Thugs). The deck also includes a brief guide to the killers and villains pictured throughout. It’s the perfect deck for the cartomancer who likes their readings a little. . . darker.

Each Tarot of the Damned is professionally printed on FSC-certified, professional S30 card stock with blue core and smooth finish. The deck comes in a drawstring black velvet bag for easy travel and safe storage.