The Astronomer’s Tarot

The Arca Noctis-exclusive Astronomer’s Tarot limited edition deck


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Throughout history, the cards and stars have colluded to chart the fate of man. The distinctly modern Astronomer’s Tarot pairs cartomancy with 78 current and extinct constellations to breathe new life into the ancient Zodiac.

An Arca Noctis exclusive, the Astronomer’s Tarot looks to the night sky for inspiration. Each of the cards in the traditional Rider-Waite deck has been reimagined as a perfectly aligned constellation to guide those who are Zodiacally attuned. A full-sized tarot, this deck is the perfect gift for those who seek guidance in the heavens above.

Each Astronomer’s Tarot is professionally printed on FSC-certified, professional S30 card stock with blue core and smooth finish. The deck comes in a drawstring black velvet bag for easy travel and safe storage.