The Minimalist Tarot

The Arca Noctis-exclusive Minimalist Tarot mini deck


Are you an advanced cartomancer looking for a challenge? Let the imageless simplicity of the Minimalist Tarot guide you to an uncluttered understanding of the universe’s true intentions. Each card includes a single number and glyph, all that an experienced reader will need to decipher the riddle of the future.

An Arca Noctis exclusive, the Minimalist Tarot is a traditional 78-card Rider-Waite deck reimagined to eliminate the visual noise that can complicate a reading. Measuring just 1.75 by 2.5 inches, this deck is also a perfect pocket Tarot for advanced cartomancy on the go.

Each Minimalist Tarot is professionally printed on FSC-certified, professional S30 card stock with blue core and smooth finish. The deck comes in a drawstring black velvet bag for easy travel and safe storage.